aAuthorised by G Senescall, 253 Queen St, Auckland
  • Authorised by G Senescall, 253 Queen St, Auckland.

The Albert Eden Board decided to destroy Chamberlain Park based on incorrect information and a flawed consultation process. They want to develop the land, but have a poorly thought out Masterplan which will destroy a very busy public golf course and a well used and loved public green-space open to all Aucklanders. The Masterplan looks to remove over 1000 trees, many protected and replace half of the area with hard surfaces, at an eye-watering $30 million plus.



If you live in the Albert Eden (Owairaka Maungawhau) electorate, PLEASE VOTE in the October Local elections!   But DON’T VOTE FOR CITY VISION.

If you live elsewhere, please share this message, share our petition site or share our Facebook page with friends or family who live in Mt Albert or Mt Eden so they can vote to save Chamberlain Park.

Save Chamberlain Park Inc has twice managed to stave off the bulldozers via the court system. Our plan was to make it to the next Local Board election where your vote will be very important to our cause! That time is coming in October!

So far, ALL the City Vision candidates have voted to destroy Chamberlain Park by saying “yes” to the flawed and wasteful Master Plan. Those that are standing again in the Albert Eden ward need to be voted out!

If City Vision lose their majority, the other Councillors (mainly C+R) have pledged to immediately stop this Master Plan. Misleading public statements made by City Vision.

 The candidate list will be out in the next few weeks and SCP inc will be interviewing ALL standing candidates, new and old, to see if they will be voting to stop or continue the destruction of Chamberlain Park!

 We will keep you informed about how they choose to vote.

 There will be expenses! Please consider a donation through “givealittle” no matter how small

Consider volunteering to deliver flyers on your Albert Eden Street – contact us directly or via FB or Petition Site.

Consider volunteering your property fence in Albert Eden for a poster.

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Don’t let them replace green space with artificial surfaces

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Misleading Public Statements made by City Vision

1.     City Vision says there is a critical shortage of sports fields in Albert-Eden

The only thing they have to support this claim is anecdote. Albert-Eden has 30 sports fields, not counting those on school grounds, which is enough fields for a population of at least 180,000; the current population is 110,000. Albert-Eden and its neighbouring local boards have an enormous 217 sportsfields enough for the population of at least 1,350,000; the current population of the area is 520,000.


2.     In his January 2017 article in the NZ Herald, Albert Eden Chairman for City Vision said: “Budget is another area that needs clarification. It was reported $30 million will be spent on the upgrade. The projected total is closer to $10m.”

The estimated cost is now $29.7m and rising…he hasn’t blinked at such a jump in expenditure.


3.     City Vision said in the Herald article: “We've put a lot of energy into upgrading sports fields in Albert-Eden, but the opportunities are few… Our problem is most of our fields are on small parks or close to neighbours.”

Hybrid turf and the latest generation of LED sports lights can be installed on each and every one of Albert-Edens 30 sports fields as a permitted activity under the Unitary Plan. Hybrid turf and new lights have been installed at Fowlds Park within 10 metres of neighbours’ houses. The neighbours say the new lights are attractive and have almost no light spill.


4.     City Vision says there is a shortage of parks in Albert-Eden

There are 69 parks and reserves within 2km of Chamberlain Park

5.     City Vision says Save Chamberlain Park is just a ‘small group’

We have over 21,000 signatures on our petition … that is more than three times the number who voted for for the chairman in the last election


6.     City Vision talks about the creation of a bird corridor around the Meola Creek part of the park  

Chamberlain Park is already a bird corridor. City Vision don’t mention the loss of trees that will result from his redevelopment plans and the effect this will have on bird habitat.


7.     City Vision said to Radio NZ that Chamberlain Park was not heavily used

At 60,000 rounds per year Chamberlain Park is the busiest golf course in Auckland, if not New Zealand. 164 rounds per day, 364 days of the year!


8.     City Vision says we need more park space to accommodate the Unitec housing development

The planned Unitec development includes a huge amount green space to provide for residents of both the development and the surrounding suburbs


9.     City Vision says that there is a surplus of golf courses in Auckland

Auckland has approximately one 18-hole golf course for every 50,000 people. Compared to countries like Australia and England we have just enough courses now and Auckland is growing at a phenomenal rate. We will never come close to Scotland (one for every 11,000 people) and Iceland (one for every 8,500 people) in providing facilities for our number one participation sport.


10. City Vision says that golf is not a growing sport

According to New Zealand Golf Annual Reports 2015 – 2016, traditional membership within Auckland grew 2.26%. (More recent data on memberships and all rounds played)


11. City Vision says that the use of the course has been declining year-on-year for more than a decade

The number of rounds played was stable at around 50,000 per year but in the last year has shot up 20% to around 60,000 rounds.


12. City Vision says that the net operating surplus from the golf course is now under $50,000.00 pa

The gross income in recent years, before the recent 20% jump in use, has been of the order of $1m pa and the surpluses under Council control has reached levels in excess of $200,000.00 pa.


13. City Vision says that golf has declined in popularity in recent years and, increasingly, many people prefer to pay 9 holes rather than 18 .

The City Vision Chair has repeatedly been asked to provide evidence to support his untrue claim; he has provided none





This will be sent to all the members of the Albert Eden Board and the Auckland Mayoral candidates

The people of the Albert-Eden electorate can vote against the five councillors who supported the “carve-up” or abstained


  • Peter Haynes

  • Glenda Fryer

  • Helga Arlington

  • Graeme Easte


  • Margi Watson


  • Lee Corrick

  • Rachel Langton

  • Tim Woodfield

Changes to Council

Helga Arlington and Tim Woodfield have been replaced by

Jessica Rose (CV) and Benjamin Lee (C&R)



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