Some of the reasons why the Albert-Eden Local Board’s proposed $30m redevelopment of the park makes no sense

1. No ecological assessment has been done on the impact of the redevelopment on the park.

2. Over 1,000 mature trees will be lost Save Chamberlain Park – once it’s gone we can’t get it back

3. Such destruction does not fit with Mayor Goff’s climate change emergency or Council’s Ngahere policy

4. Large tracts of the land that were shaped by the lava flows will be lost

5. Many tens of thousands of metres of green open spaces will be covered by roads, carparks, paving and artificial surfaces.

6. In just under half of the 30 hectare park, active recreation will be replaced by passive recreation.

7. Aucklanders can’t afford it - $30m is equivalent to a 2% hike in rates

8. The golf course at the park is the busiest in Auckland – it is popular amongst the working classes and those on low wages

9. Maori and Pacifica are big users of the park – they make up around 30%

10. It fails every cultural and heritage consideration

11. Independent Maori Statutory Board member James Brown told Councillors “We always come last; heritage and ecology,” when voting “No” to spending $1m on planning. Our heritage and ecology should be at the very front of decision making.

12. Over 20,000 people have signed the petition to save chamberlain park from bulldozers.