Louise Kane

Even if you don't play golf, your children and grandchildren may wish to. Lydia Ko started at 3 years of age. As the only public course this side of the bridge Chamberlain is perfect for the future citizens of Auckland to "give it a go". It is the second busiest course in all of Auckland (after Takapuna, the only other public course). It is affordable and open to any Aucklander!

As some of you know, we have started a campaign to try and stop the council from carving up Chamberlain Park without a plan or the necessary funding. We've started a petition to persuade the council that they have made a poor decision and that most Aucklanders are against the destruction of this well used Auckland facility. This is particularly important with the elections coming up. We currently have near 1700 signatures - online and on paper. We're aiming for 5,000, so please check out our arguments on the website and/or sign the petition. We will post regular updates on facebook, the website and the petition page. Please send this on to your friends. I'm amazed how many people do not know about this decision and who are shocked that it might happen.

Sign the petition https://www.change.org/p/save-chamberlain-park