Save Chamberlain Park has presented to the Albert-Eden Local Board a suggested base line option for the business case to be considered as part of the Board’s strategy to develop the Chamberlain Park Master Plan.

SCP suggested to the Board that this base line option would be more beneficial for all members of the community instead of the normal “do nothing” base line options included in major developments and would deliver much of what is contemplated in the Master Plan while still retaining the 18 hole golf course in its current form.

Benefits arising from the proposal include:

i. Availability of walking and biking tracks

ii. Increased open space by linking Rawalpindi Reserve to the destination playground

iii. Utilisation of the existing clubhouse as a community hub

iv. An agreed plan for the restoration of Meola Creek while still allowing golfers to play across the waterway.

v. Lower level of ratepayer spend by not undertaking golf course reconstruction

vi. No loss of existing trees and the opportunity to undertake native plantings

vii. Potential for inclusion in a western eco-corridor linking to Western Springs

viii. Potential to involve the local schools and community in an inner city environmental project

ix. No loss of income while redevelopment is undertaken

x. Security for the users of the most popular 18-hole golf course in Auckland.

The proposal will establish both a Suburban Park at the western end of the park and Chamberlain Park as a Destination Park as defined by Council. The proposal also provides an opportunity for environmental enhancement and the integration of Chamberlain Park and Western Springs as a green corridor.

The Board has agreed to request Council staff to consider the options provided and to provide advice to the Board on the feasibility of the options.

SCP spokesman Richard Quince says “This is an important development. Almost three years after SCP first developed and circulated its “Win Win For All” document which included many of the features now under consideration our voice is finally being heard